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Frauenhofer IIS EasyDCP Player Plus V1 3 1 -CRACKED-

4 DCI X Y Z with REC D LUT color transform DCI X Y Z with no color transform DCI X Y Z - Rec white point adaption D65 - DCI WHITE Removing green tint from DCPs in Resolve Settings Chromatic Adaption effect Converting a Scope trailer to a letterboxed Flat trailer in Resolve Raising subtitles above the letterboxing Making a Flat trailer from a Scope trailer in Davinci Resolve Studio Valid DCI F and S DCP Resolutions Normal aspect ratios/resolutions used in cinemas: Not commonly used aspect ratios/resolutions Letterboxed and pillarboxed aspect ratios inside Flat and Scope Fraunhofer easydcp Plus Assembling a DCP in easydcp Creator + Main advantages of easydcp Plus Video and audio assets Choose letterboxing/scaling Choose color transform Example easydcp color transform Rec gamma to X'Y'Z' Offset on video and audio reels. Example: No offset on video Example: 192 frames offset on audio Adding XML subtitles Previewing the DCP in easydcp player + Checking the sound Checking subtitles Smooth playback Downmix to 5.1 in easydcp player Encrypting DCPs in easydcp Creator+ Converting a DCP to an encrypted DCP in easydcp Creator + Making a KDM/DKDM in easydcp Generator Testing the KDM Making supplemental packages in easydcp plus Make a 7.1 VF DCP Atmos VF DCP Make a VF DCP with subtitles Check the VF DCP in EasyDCP player Merging the OV and VF DCP to a multiple CPL DCP Using Save Package to change the name of the DCP Changing the name of a DCP

Frauenhofer IIS EasyDCP Player Plus V1 3 1 -CRACKED-

5 Merge DCPs to make a new language OV DCP Use Merge CPL to add the VF DCP with the dubbed language Making a Flat trailer from a Scope trailer in easydcp Creator Raising subtitles above the letterboxing DCP-o-matic Converting a PSA/commercial video file to a DCP in DCP-o-matic 1920x1080 PSA video file that will play with the Flat ads Choose source file settings Scale to: Filters Colour Conversion Choose DCP settings Flat or Scope container Content type Interop or SMPTE Frame Rate JPEG 2000 Bandwidth Fill in the additional ISDCF name fields (optional) Check if the video looks correct Normalize the audio (optional) Convert stereo to LCR (optional) Make the DCP Test the DCP in DCP-o-matic player (optional) Decode at lower quality Example checklist: Validate the DCP Making a Scope trailer from a Flat trailer in DCP-o-matic Converting a DCP to a Prores/h264 video file in DCP-o-matic How to make a subtitle VF/supplemental package DCP in DCP-o-matic Check the DCP in DCP-o-Matic Player Subtitles Version File / supplemental package subtitles Converting SRT to SMPTE XML in Subtitle Edit Change the XML properties Choose Movie title and reel number Choose Edit Rate and Time Code Rate Choose Top/bottom margin and font size Choose font Choose Color, Effect, and Effect Color Choose Fade up/down Time 350c69d7ab


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