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When a scheme is "more accessible", it means that it can beactivated and used more quickly in certain situations. The twocognitive processes that improve the accessibility of schemas aresaliency and priming. In social cognition, excellence is thedegree to which a particular social object stands out from othersocial objects in a situation. The more important an object is,the more likely it is that the object's schema will be exposed. Forexample, if a woman belongs to a group of seven men, thefemale gender schema is more accessible and can affect thegroup's thinking and behaviour towards female group members."Priming" refers to the immediate experience of a situationwhere the schema is more accessible. For example, watching ascary movie late at night gives you more access to scary plans andis more likely to recognize shadows and background noise aspotential threats.

Pdf Download Scary Movie 5 In Hindi



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